We offer rapid design and development of Environmental Testing racks. Combining a flexible modular rack system with custom design tooling for rapid loading and testing in production and high-volume/part count applications. Targeted for electronics and devices for temperature ranges from -30 to 100 C. Other temperature ranges upon request.

​EnviroRACK options include cable management for electrical and pressure/vacuum/fluids for those applications where these stimuli in conjunction with temperature is required.

EnviroRACK systems can be designed and assembled in a few weeks.

Contact : Zach Olson zach@ez-techstop.com [949-275-7278]  for more information

The EnviroRACK fits in your existing environmental chamber providing sliding shelves to optimize parts handling. This result in faster parts handling/load time and more consistent part placement.

Shown here is a 3-shelf rack system providing 30 test cells in a small [18" x 16" x 14"] chamber. [Test Equity]

25mm EnviroRack 3 Tray System v5.png

EnviroRACK are self-contained and removable. No modification to the chamber is required in most applications.

25mm EnviroRack 3 Tray System no chamber

EnviroRACK can also provide for electrical connection & cable management.

EnviroRACK can also provide for electrical connection & cable management.

25mm EnviroRack 3 Tray Systemno chamber.

EnviroRACK optionally, can also provide for air/gas/vacuum connection & cable management. To provide required stimuli to samples under test.

Contact :

Zach Olson


[949-275-7278]  for more information

Air Flow.png